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GOAL: launch a new way to shop the intimacy market.




Graphic design

Introduction video

Commercial promo

Advertising photography

.com Shopping page

Social - branded Instagram


Planning & Strategy //
Public Relations
Internal Merchants
External Vendors

Creatives //
Production Studio (Video, Photo, Styling, Models)
Post (Motion Graphics, Video Edit, Photo Retouching & Manipulation)
Design (Inet, Email, Instagram, On-Air)
Copy (General verbiage tone, promo scripts)

Implementation teams //
Digital, inet




The introduction video served a dual purpose. 

#1: The video set the tone for Evine's internal teams to execute the emerging brand.

#2: Re-scripted for our customer, the video answers the questions she may have while learning about Evine After Dark. 

What is Evine After Dark? What will the shows feel like, what will it look like? Is it lewd or obscene? What will shopping with Evine After Dark be like for me?


Advertising photography


It was important Evine After Dark's product photography was visually striking to capture the 50 shades of magic that captivated women across the country. Playfully, the product is abstract, for her discretion and taste level...and artful, to spark intrigue.

I used unique and intimacy-specific textures: feathers, stockings, ribbon, latex, rope, lace—all innocent on their own accord but curious to more.

For her, shopping Evine After Dark shouldn't be blatantly salacious, instead it should be a lovely, interesting experience of exploring. 



Launching with Evine After Dark is "Boudoir Blush," an Evine exclusive lingerie collection. In contrast to the highly stylized imagery of the intimacy product, for Boudoir Blush I sought the truth in feeling beautiful as a woman. I believe lingerie is something to be worn for yourself—I wanted to remind her to feel empowered in her own space and complete in her own skin. I directed for various emotions caught in-between moments. Because being sexy for yourself sometimes means singing, sometimes belly-laughter, sometimes it is that sultry prowless across the room. 

To stay committed to our message of empowerment, it was important the models' bodies were not altered in retouching/post to represent each woman as the honestly perfect power she is. 

The promo commercial


while the introduction video honed in on the message, the promo commercial leads with visuals.




A shopping, learning, and engagement portal separate from evine's main .com.

to point customers to this "other side" of the retail site, a redirect rule is set up in's search bar. 

The responsive microsite includes shopping boutiques, a lingerie look book, brand videos, and a bio on Dr. Locker with an email to reach out to team After Dark to have questions answered LIVE on air. 

Evine After Dark INSTAGRAM


A way to tap into a new audience of customer and let her know evine has entered the intimacy market


A space for existing customers to visually explore the themes of empowerment, education, and fulfillment that fuel evine after dark.  


This concept wouldn't be possible without the leadership of our CMO Nicole Ostoya and Christina Lozano as Evine After Dark's Brand Director.

Honored to work alongside creatives who humor me down the rabbit hole...

Photography // Kris Drake, Keenan Blaisdell
Video // Eric Ziebarth
Model Styling // Jen Sonibare, Kendra Berger
Product Styling // Maggie Witter, Jen Sonibare
Video Edit // Jake Henningsgaard
Motion Graphics // Ian Peters
Copy // Mike Sorenson
Front-End Dev // Jared Ringold
Social Strategy // Jamie Guse